How To Installing a Locking Wiring Device – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

The c14 c15 power cord is one of the most popular NEMA electrical power lines. They are no longer a mystery that various sellers can purchase C14 c15 power cords. If you’re not cautious you may end up buying fraudulent products. When purchasing wire locking plugs that is also the case. You need to ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy vendor. You can read customer testimonials and reviews to find out which vendors are the most reliable for buying wiring locking plugs. We aim to provide the best value for your money.

You can also make wiring locking plugs at your at home. It is not a complicated procedure that demands you be accompanied by an expert. It is important to be aware of safety measures before starting the project. As an example, make sure that the circuit breaker and power are disconnected. When you remove the faceplate out of its housing, loosen the screws. Remove the two screws for strain relief that are on the strain relief in order to traverse the cable. The next step is strip the jacket of the cord following the illustration from the instruction manual. When the cords are removed, you have to attach them to faceplate terminals prior to removing all screws.


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