Important Landscape Design Elements

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It was once debated back in the 17th century whether the purpose of Weston landscaping should be for aesthetics and visual beauty. Today, landscaping serves just about no other purpose than to create utility and beauty from an outdoor space. Weston landscaping has a long and rich history dating back hundreds of centuries.

Wealthy English and French households cultivated lawns during the 16th century, and it is believed that chamomile and thyme were the primary plants used in lieu of grass. Frederick Law Olmstead is credited as the father of American landscape architecture, and is famously recognized as the visionary for Central Park in New York City. Understanding some of the fundamental concepts pertaining to landscaping can make a landscaping project a bit easier. Moreover, some may choose to receive assistance and guidance by hiring Boca Raton landscapers, such as Weston landscaping.

Weston landscaping should be familiar with the essential design elements that go into creating quality landscaping include scale, unity, proportion, contrast, color, and emphasis, much like any good piece of art. Scale refers to the sizes of parts as they relate to the purposes and uses of the space. Landscaping that focuses on unity brings together all the various parts of the design to create one single, harmonious composition. Proportion means to achieve a cohesive relationship between the various features and parts of a landscape design to each other. Contrast can be incorporated into a landscape design simply by adding variety, and this can be achieved through the use of color. Finally, quality landscaping should create emphasis through satisfaction of various design elements, while still fulfilling any practical purposes. Most Boca Raton landscaping and Coral springs landscaping companies, such as Weston landscaping, can help explain and implement these key landscaping design elements.

Trees can help and hinder a landscape design, and a tree service boca raton, such as Weston landscaping, may be able to help. Trees can get tall! The General Sherman, a giant redwood sequoia found in California, is one of the tallest soft wood trees, standing approximately 275 feet (84 meters) high, and with a girth of about 25 feet (eight meters)! Trees can live a long time, too! Located in United States, the Bristlecone pines are some of the oldest trees in the world, at about 4,600 years old. Removing large, old trees can pose a big challenge and Weston landscaping may be able to help.

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