Increase Employee Productivity and Network Security All At Once

Byod mobile security

These days, there is one surefire way to ensure the success of your business. That is keeping up with the times. You need to be willing, ready, and able to adapt to the everchanging technological world we live in. One way to do this which can increase productivity and employee retention is to employ a system of BYOD mobile security.

What does BYOD stand for? Well, that is simple. The definition of BYOD is Bring Your Own Device. This means that you enable your employees to use their own smartphones and tablets to get work done. Not only can workers get more done while they are in the office, but it makes communication easier, and your employees can do work, regardless of where they may be.

One quarter of all companies utilize a BYOD solution, but do not have any sort of management system in place. This is how chaos befalls a business. Without BYOD mobile security, your sensitive data that is transmitted through your network is not secured. Any anonymous hacker can break into your network, and have access to all of your important information.

A proactive BYOD mobile security system allows for locking and password protecting devices. This way, if a device should wind up lost or stolen, all data can be wiped clean of it, keeping it, and thus your business, safe and sound.

A BYOD mobile security system can also create optimized management. Restrict access, manage installed applications, secure company data, and manage passwords on all devices in the network from your own smartphone.

When it comes to productivity, there are plenty of opportunities for work to get done when one is not on the clock. In fact, 70 percent of all smartphone users report to check their work emails outside of normal business hours. By implementing a BYOD mobile security system, you are giving your employees the ability and incentive to get work done at their leisure, and you are ensuring it will get done safely.

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