What to Consider from Engagement to Wedding for the Best Experience

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Some say that marriage is an antiquated ritual that no one respects anymore. However, those people are simply ignorant. After all, an average of 7,000 weddings still take place each day in the United States. Marriage, clearly, is still an important way of expressing our love to the people we cannot imagine being without.

Marriage has taken on different forms, different traditions as human history has progressed. The blushing brides of Ancient Rome carried bunches of herbs that symbolized fertility when they got married in hopes of bearing many happy, health children. This gave rise to our modern tradition of carrying a wedding bouquet. Even the tradition of wearing a wedding dress is hundreds of years old. Queen Victoria, married in 1840, is often credited with starting the trend of white dresses.

Whether you want to do as the Romans or the peoples of the Victorian era, the success of any wedding hinges on planning ahead. This starts with the engagement ring and continues on through the reception. If you want to plan ahead for a happy, successful wedding, keep reading.

  • It Starts with a Ring
  • Traditionally, it has been said that the engagement ring should cost three months salary. However, the average engagement ring runs around $5,847. The fact is that the perfect ring for the woman you love will cost what it costs. Plan ahead to be prepared for the cost of the ring.

  • Choose a Location That Fits
  • Weddings and wedding receptions should be memorable events. To make this happen, event planning for weddings has to be careful and meticulous. Budgeting, hiring performers, acquiring permits, and many other factors are all extremely important in successful ceremonies and wedding receptions. One of the most important factors, however, is wedding venues. What fits your theme? What will make your wedding the most memorable for you and your guests? Weddings on the beach, for example, are often considered to be the most beautiful and memorable. Plan ahead carefully to find a location that is not only available but one that lends itself to your big day.

  • Choose Dates Carefully to Save Money
  • One of the most important factors in planning wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions is the date. The date you choose for your ceremony and wedding reception will decide who will be able to come, what venues will be available, and how much you have to pay. Consider, whether you choose wedding venues in Virginia Beach or elsewhere, there are peak times for weddings that will be far more expensive than others. Being flexible can reduce your costs.

  • Remember to Have Fun
  • When planning a wedding, it is easy to get tunnel vision and become a “bride-zilla” or “groom kong”. When choosing your wedding reception location, engagement ring, or otherwise remember that this is all meant to celebrate your love. Have fun when you are planning to ensure the best day possible.

Our weddings are the most important days of our lives. Keep these four tips in mind to plan ahead for costs, save money, and get the location you want. Just remember to keep a great attitude about the entire process to keep things fun and happy. Good luck on your journey! Get more on this here.

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