Have Your Rights Been Violated During Criminal Proceedings?

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According to the most recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are 1.2 million and 9 million violent and property crimes, respectively, in the United States every year. Those crimes vary in their severity from violent disputes in a bar, to grand theft auto, to murder. Subsequently, in the 75 largest counties of the United States, an approximate 58,100 defendants are charged with a felony annually.

When a crime occurs, both the accused and the victim of the crime have a right to justice. As such, the American criminal justice system is in place to guarantee justice for all; innocence until guilt can be proven.

The Point of Criminal Law

Criminal law has developed five main objectives for settling a criminal case; retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, and restoration. Put simply, the point of criminal law is to make victims whole, to punish the perpetrators of crime, and, in doing so fairly, turn criminals into better citizens while helping to deter any further crime. However, justice must be carried out in a way that is concurrent with U.S. law.

How Criminal Attorneys Protect Their Clients

Criminal defense lawyers exist to deal with issues surrounding arrest and criminal investigation. Among the most highly educated in the country, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers and those across the country have specialized skills to guard and defend their clients against life-changing legal consequences. When the services of a criminal attorney are secured, the results of a case cannot be guaranteed. However, whether the client has committed internet crimes, domestic violence, or any other offense, they are guaranteed the following by their criminal attorney.

  • Zealous Representation
  • According to the American Bar Association, every single client a criminal attorney takes must be zealously represented and defended with their best efforts. Criminal attorneys are ethically bound, regardless of their personal feelings for the case or their clients, to do only their best to represent their clients in a fair way. If they violate this ethical requirement, they can be disbarred and banned from practicing law in the future.

  • Protection of Rights
  • American citizens are guaranteed certain rights under various forms of United States law contained in the United States Constitution and elsewhere. For instance, the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and protection against unlawful search and seizure are all inviolable rights that attorneys are duty-bound to protect, according to NOLO.

How to Find a Criminal Attorney

When hiring a criminal defense attorney, there are multiple factors to consider. Past successes in similar cases, personal referrals, and recommendations from professional organizations are all good ways to find a criminal attorney, according to Expert Law. However, as aforementioned, there is never any guarantee of similar outcomes due to past results with an attorney.

As can be seen, all Americans have fundamental rights when it comes to criminal proceedings. One of the most important to take advantage of is the right to counsel. Criminal attorneys will defend their clients zealously and will protect their rights. While success is not guaranteed, it is far better to seek out representation than to do nothing.

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