Is Your Phone Secure?

Android device management

Did you know that in the United States alone, there are 91.4 million smartphones? It seems that in the world we live in, people more or less consider their phone as an appendage. The functions these advanced devices have are capable of so many things that we have become pretty much dependent on their services.

In the workplace, smartphones are becoming as important as computers. Since most of them are capable of doing largely the same things as computers, and sometimes even faster than computers, businesses are using them more often. Around a quarter of companies have the bring your own device system in place, in which an employee brings their own device to work, but uses it solely for work.

The problem of security arises, however, when you have a device with business information on it. To that end, businesses are using android devices more and more, and android in the enterprise can cause security issues. Fortunately, the android security model, when used correctly, can keep private data private. Android device management is critical to the integrity of a company, as if information gets in the wrong hands, the company is in huge trouble.

As nearly three fifths of tablet owners say they use their tablets for both work and personal use, the android security model is critical. Seventy percent of smartphone users even check their work email outside of business hours. If the android security model were not effective, people would likely not be able to bring their devices home for personal use.

Mobile device management is crucial to the smartphone based business structure of today. Mobile device management provides security, so if an employee owned device is lost or stolen, there is software installed that can clear all the sensitive data away instantly. When your android management is done correctly, there is no risk of losing sensitive data.

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