Applications for Android Device Management and Security and Protection of Data Available to Companies with Bring Your Own Device Programs

Android device management

In this modern age of advanced technology, information is exchanged at rapid rates on an incredibly frequent basis. The convenience of exchanging information continues to increase constantly, allowing for more and more information to be shared between parties all of the time. For better businesses practices, many companies have capitalized on the capabilities of modern technology. Smartphones and other mobile devices are very commonly used to exchange information, and many companies have begun allowing their employees to share company data with such devices through bring your own device, or BYOD, programs. But because company data is often very sensitive and should only be seen by employees, security measures for bring your own device programs must be in place. To ensure the security of company data in the event that employee devices are lost or stolen, companies can use android management applications.

In recent years, companies have quickly realized the value of their employees using smartphones. Statistics have shown that 70 percent of people who have smartphones use their device to check their work email outside of normal business hours. Bring your own device programs have been known to lead to greater productivity among employees, less paperwork, more accurate billing and record keeping, and streamlined workflow.

Android in the enterprise is expected to rise continuously in the coming years. It is estimated that by 2015, 55 percent of smartphones used in businesses will be employee owned. However, there are currently one quarter of companies that allow BYOD programs but do not have an android device management system in place. An effective android security model for companies to use is a cloud based device management application, which can provide visibility and control for Android devices being used in BYOD programs. For the secure exchange of data between employees, companies can utilize an Android management application.

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