Three Tips for a More Successful Moving Experience

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Did you know that every year, about 45 million people in the U.S. move? If you are relocating for personal reasons, a job, or education, you probably realize that there are many steps involved in moving, and that it can be a major headache. In fact, it’s rated only behind divorce and death as the most stressful life event. One idea for making the process easier and more efficient is to come up with a moving out checklist. Ready to start ticking things off? Here are three things you might want to consider putting on your check list for moving.

1. Get Rid of Things Early

Most of us have a ton of old furniture, clothes, and more in our homes that we will get rid of when we move. Trying to sort out this stuff from what you want to keep while you’re packing up, though, can be a big pain. Instead, make it the first thing on your moving checklist. Keep in mind that this is a good time to plan on getting new furniture; selling it now will save you from having to haul heavy pieces hundreds of miles. Have a yard sale or post ads to Craigslist, and use the proceeds to help fund your move. A good rule of thumb? If you haven’t used it in a year, consider tossing it.

2. Find Responsible Movers

Finding a moving company is definitely something you don’t want to leave off until the last minute. Did you know that people are now moving longer distances than they used to in the past? Choosing the right company should be a process that involves ample research, comparison and consideration. For example, moving is often cheaper if you do it during the middle of the week, or the middle of the month. If you can be flexible in your leaving time, this might get you better estimates from companies. Make sure the company you choose has good feedback from past clients.

3. Switch Over Your Address

Not only do you physically need to move, but your information needs to go with you as well. School records, credit bills, and voting registration all needs to be switched over, ideally before you leave. Water and electric bills, home insurance, wireless, phone, and security all need to either be amended or cancelled so that you don’t end up paying for someone else to surf the internet at your old home. Start making a long checklist of all the services you need to address so that you don’t forget any of them during the packing and leaving rush.

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  1. label everything as much as possible. I just was sooo sure I would know what was in every box when we moved, but lo and behold, I was wrong, things got mixed up, took forever to unpack.

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