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Could be some places in the house.

Bats invading your house can cause destruction to your home. Their sound could be as disturbing than the damage they do. If you do not have bat-control, it may cause serious health problems.

How do you prevent this? Here are some bat control suggestions which could be helpful.

1. It is important to repair walls
Bats normally enter your home through the openings of doors, windows and even gaps in the walls. That’s why you need to inspect your home for gaps and cracks in walls, as well as your roof.

2. Seal the gaps
If you find gaps, places for entry and exit that bats are using, make use of the sealant or netting to seal them.

3. Use Floodlight
Bats prefer quiet, dark locations, therefore a floodlight could be a smart idea to let light enter the area.

4. Mothballs are a great alternative
The sour smell of mothballs is a bat repellent. That’s why placing the mothballs within their nesting places can effectively deter them from attracting insects away.

5. Create Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon can be a great bat-control agent. Though bats may not like the smell of cinnamon, they can still use it safely.

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