Put Patients In Those Empty Seats!

Dental web marketing system

What is this SEO business all about? And how does it apply to dentists? Well, it really is applicable to any business owner, because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lead generation and brand development strategy. Your web presence is everything to your business in the 21st century.

Companies that blog receive 55 percent more traffic online. If you want to put more patients in those empty seats, your dental website design needs to be immaculate, and you need to be blogging regularly. Gone are the days when conversations with people in the community could gain you more patients. Today, that dialogue takes place online, through your blog.

Dentist SEO works to put you on the top of search engine result pages. This is how you garner more clients. It is a fact that 64 percent of Americans depend on search engines to discover local businesses. Make sure that they can find you. Dental marketing in this day and age is the most successful when it is dentist SEO.

But not all dentist SEO is equally effective. For example, 21 percent of all marketers who employ an agency to aid them in their dental marketing system report being satisfied with their efforts, as opposed to the 11 percent of marketers who attempt dentist SEO in house. You need to find a reputable marketing firm in order to see success from dentist SEO.

Along with SEO content generation (such as your blogs), an active social media profile is crucial in a successful marketing campaign. In 2012, 24 percent of people posted comments or reviews about products they have purchased or services they have used on social media sites. It can be extremely beneficial for market research and product feedback to stay on top of your brand Facebook and Twitter accounts.

First and foremost, however, before you ever begin a dentist SEO campaign, your website should be designed professionally. A well designed website can also have an effect on your search engine ranking and visibility.

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  1. I have never tried SEO before. Does anyone know if it actually works? I read posts like this all the time, but I have never seen or heard anyone actually say they have had a successful experience with it.

  2. It works if it is done accurately. There are a lot of scam SEO companies on the web, so be very careful.

  3. It works if it is done accurately. There are a lot of scam SEO companies on the web, so be very careful.

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