Use SEO Reporting to Track Progress

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As an SEO reseller or marketing agent, you know how important it is to show your clients the effects and progress of their SEO efforts. There are many firms that use report generators to create those reports. These reports can be created by using data from various sources and compiled by you. However, it is much easier to use Seo reporting tools provided by either the SEO company or other online sources. Here is a look at some common SEO tools that you can use to gauge the progress of your efforts to your client.

One important SEO reporting tool is a back link checker. This piece of software will let you know which links are going back to your site. Back links are an important part of SEO because search engines use algorithms that will analyze the number of these links. The more links the higher the page ranking.

Another great SEO reporting tool is one that will help you identify possible keywords that will increase the page ranking. This SEO tool analyzes the possible terms that a user might enter, and then a list of keywords is created. This SEO reporting tool will also give a look at data such as the frequency that the words are used and how much traffic is generated. This tool will also help you create content for the website that users actually want to read.

SEO reporting also includes an overall look at how effective the marketing plan is. SEO reports of this nature will provide a look at the keywords that receive the highest traffic. These reports also include search engine results and rankings. It is through this SEO reporting that you will be able to look at the changes in traffic, allowing you to adjust your SEO efforts to gain a better ranking or more traffic. Having this type of SEO reporting tool will let you have a constant finger on the pulse of your website traffic.

As a reseller, these SEO reporting tools will allow you to show your clients the progress that your SEO efforts have on their sites and marketing plans. Take a few minutes and make sure that you have a full arsenal of SEO reporting tools that will accentuate your SEO reseller program.

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