Take the Plunge and Buy Iraqi Dinar Today!

The iraqi dinar

The Dinar, which has been produced in several different denominations and color schemes, is the official Iraqi currency, having been initially ushered into circulation in 1932. The National Bank of Iraq issued Iraqi dinar banknotes between 1947 and 1954, after which time, the Central Bank of Iraq was in charge of doing so. The Iraqi Dinar exchange rate was on part with the British pound until 1959.

The Iraqi Dinar exchange rate has had an interesting history. The Dinar exchange rate has been known for its volatility in the past couple of decades. The Iraq war had been going on for 9 years when the last American troops withdrew from the country at the end of 2011. By this time, the notorious Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had already been overthrown and executed. The Iraqi dinar exchange rate swung and plummeted. In 2005, the first democratically held elections took place in Iraq in over 50 years, and since then, the Iraqi dinar exchange rate has stabilized somewhat.

From 1990 to 2003, banknotes were printed sporting the visage of Saddam Hussein. As well, the 25 Dinars note introduced in 1986 also had the face of Saddam on it. However, the face of Saddam Hussein does not appear on banknotes printed today. Investors and consumers may still be able to get a hold of the old bank notes if they search hard enough.

Right now, investors can buy dinar in several countries. A number of people who have been holding on to their dinar since it was introduced in 2003 are banking on the Iraqi dinar exchange rate changing in their favor, thus providing a highly profitable ROI. However, it would behoove investors to remember that the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate is not stagnant. It is quite likely that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate will change many times after investors buy their fulus, which, incidentally, is the plural of fils.

If you want to buy iraqi dinar, it is imperative that your purchase dinar from a well respected company. A company that has a sound track record will provide you with confirmation and tracking information when your Dinar has been sent out to you. You should be able to track its trajectory from the point of sale to its arrival in your mailbox.

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