Do You Need to Rent Uniforms or Dry Clean Your Clothes?

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Plenty of dry cleaners will get your clothes back to you stain-free. But have you noticed that lingering scent on your clothes once they are returned to you? That is likely the work of certain chemicals used to treat the dirt spots, stains and other grime that accumulates on your threads. The smell is one thing, but some of these chemicals can actually be harmful to you.

You do not have to settle for this. A number of eco friendly dry cleaners have appeared, plenty who will use alternate methods for getting your clothes clean. Also, if you simply need to rent uniforms for your workforce, plenty of dry cleaners also provide that service, too. Want to learn more? Here are four tips to keep in mind when looking to rent uniforms or dry clean your clothes.

1. Unsafe dry cleaning

As mentioned before, professional dry cleaning services often use dangerous chemicals in their processes. The more times you have visited uniform cleaners, the more often your clothes or company uniform rentals have likely been treated with these hazardous substances. One of the worst ones is perchloroethylene, a synthetic and volatile organic compound that can been found to be a health risk to both humans and the environment. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most commonly used chemicals in dry cleaning.

2. Go green dry cleaners

Remember: You do not have to settle for this! Businesses in all different industries have begun to go green, which means that so, too has the number of environmentally friendly dry cleaning services. Eco friendly dry cleaning aim not to use the perchloroethylene chemical, often called perc for short.

Instead, new technologies for dry cleaning that is safer for both humans and the environment have sprung up. This includes carbon dioxide cleaning, which uses liquid CO2 and detergent. In addition, services called “wet cleaning,” where water is actually used, can be utilized, though they are typically costlier and more time-consuming.

3. Picking up and dropping off

Think about the number of modern innovations that have been engineered specifically for customer convenience. The drive thru. Speed dial. Point-of-care prescription pickup. And now, dry cleaning services have entered the game.

With dry cleaning, you can drop off your clothes and have them delivered back to you once they are clean and good as new. When you rent uniforms from a professional rental service, the outfits are picked right up from your company, cleaned and delivered back to you ever week. Talk about convenience!

4. Uniform services

Cleaning is one thing, but say you need to rent uniforms to outfit your workforce. Certain dry cleaning services often provide you the option to rent uniforms for your staff directly from them. If you are looking to outfit different departments in your company, renting uniforms can become the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to do so. Mechanic uniforms. Other service uniforms. Any industry that requires you to rent uniforms can be serviced. Ger more information on this topic here.

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