The Development of the Postcard into a Direct Marketing Business Postcard

Blank postcards

Postcards have come a long way since Theodore Hook sent the first picture postcard in 1940 NS and even from the 1960s when they were used to announce new freeway or highway projects. Today, postcards have shifted from being used for entertainment purposes to being used for business purposes and it is all thanks to the father of contemporary direct marketing Lester Wunderman.

Postcards today can be used as business postcards. These business postcards are used to encourage people to sign up for magazine subscriptions, encourage potential clients to take advantage of great sales, or even come in an explore a new store or business. Another use for them includes being used as real estate postcards, where realtors announce a recent home being put up for sale.

Why are business postcards so popular? Business postcards are popular because they work. It is believed that direct mail postcards made by postcard printing companies and used by businesses can get a response rate of almost 3.4 percent, which is almost five times that of other marketing techniques.

Businesses interested in venturing into direct marketing can create customized postcards that will attract the attention of customers. Custom made postcards can be made by visiting a custom postcard printing shop that specializes in creating and printing large batches of postcards.

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