The Restraining Order Process –

ker to go near the victim in any capacity. A process for obtaining the restraining order doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s important to understand the process for the eventuality of needing one. We will be discussing how to obtain order to restraining in this post.

The abuse process begins once abuse takes place. There are a variety of forms of abuse; therefore, it doesn’t really matter what form. A victim can submit the form to obtain the Restraining Order. A hearing on temporary restraining orders is scheduled in the majority of cases within 24hrs of the paperwork being filed. This will give victims immediate protection.

After the order has been granted, the police will deliver the paperwork to the attacker. If the victim was living in the same house as the perpetrator, the attacker must continue paying the rent for the property. Children who have contact with the attacker may be placed in custody.

Restraining orders offer important protections to those who have been victims of abuse.


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