Want to Spice Up Veggies, Chips, and Sandwiches Without Ruining Your Diet?

Spicy hummus dip

Three pepper hummus, jalapeno and lime hummus, spicy garlic hummus, black bean hummus, sweet potato hummus… The list goes on and, if you are anything like me, your mouth is already watering. Hummus is nutritional and, with its many variations, you never have to fear growing tired of hummus.

Just How Healthy Is It?

With American obesity becoming something of an epidemic, eating nutritional, healthy foods is more important than ever. Most hummus recipes contain chickpeas, tahini (a paste made with sesame and olive oil), lemon juice, and garlic, but what does that mean for your diet?

Hummus spread, especially the chickpeas inside it, is rich with iron and manganese. These nutrients keep energy levels up, and your blood healthy. The olive oil adds necessary, healthy fats to your diet that will keep you hair, skin, and nails looking healthy, and help you lose weight on top of it.

What Are All the Different Ways You Can Eat Hummus?

There are more than enough websites, books, and magazines with easy hummus recipes, with some recipes containing as few as four or five ingredients. Eating spicy hummus dip, in moderation, with some chopped up vegetables can be a quick, easy snack with only 100 calories. With its many flavors and variations hummus makes a great dip, including classics like delicious roasted garlic hummus dip. What most people do not realize, however, is that recipes with hummus are not restricted to dips or spreads for chips and vegetables.

Hummus can make a great substitution for high fat, low nutrition condiments and salad dressings. Mayo, packed with calories and fat, gets even the best diets off track. Topping a sandwich with spicy hummus dip in place of the mayo is delicious and healthy. Hummus can also be used as a substitution for high calorie salad dressings from the grocery store.

Whether you want to dress up veggies or keep your sandwiches delicious and flavorful without the calories, hummus opens up a realm of mouth watering, diet friendly possibilities. Reference links: sabra.com

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