What You Need to Know about Day Care

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There comes a time when every parent must relinquish control of their children, and let them go out into the world on their own. You would be forgiven for thinking that I am talking about college. However, I am referring to sending your kids to daycare. Just as with college, daycare poses its own challenges, both emotional and financial. Yet, there are many benefits of daycare.

Young children are much more sensitive than adults which allows them to be able to absorb things much easier. For example, the average two year old adds around five new words to their vocabulary every day. By placing children in child care programs early, they are more likely to develop social skills at an earlier age. There is also evidence that day care programs can help children be successful later in life. In fact, children that take part in a preschool program are more likely to grow up to be healthier and wealthier than their peers who did not.

While many parents may initially be reluctant to surrender the care of their young children into the hands of strangers. The fact is that day care programs are quite common. Indeed, almost 80% of children in the United States spend sometime in day care by the time they turn four. For parents and children alike, preschool is a rite of passage.

To learn more about the benefits of daycare and how you can find affordable child care, then search online. When selecting a daycare in Atlanta for your child, be sure to read plenty of reviews on the internet. It is also a good idea to ask around.

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