Are You Thinking About Going Camping This Year? Here are a Few Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Camping in louisiana

If ou are looking for something fun for you and your family to do together but you do not have a whole lot of extra money, then you might want to think about taking your family camping. Not only is camping one of the cheapest vacation options in the country these days, but you will also get the chance to try out a whole lot of activities you might never have the chance to try when you are at home. If you are interested in the camping experiences that you and your family can have at cool campsites not too far from home, then here are a few facts you need to know.

Did you know that approximately 43 million Americans went camping last year? One of the main reasons for this huge number is the worsening economy in the United States. When there is less money in the budget to spend on an amusement park vacation, more and more Americans are turning to a more rural and simplistic vacation. Whether you and your family look for the best camping sites in your area, you want to venture out and find cabins in Louisiana, or you want to split the difference and find rv parks Louisiana instead, you might even be overwhelmed by the options available to you.

Camping is no longer synonymous with “roughing it” but instead can be a comfortable, even luxurious experience. Though there are a lot of people who say that these are not the real camping experiences, it is important to start where you are comfortable. If you are not ok with sleeping in a tent, try a cabin first and work your way closer to the great outdoors a little at a time.

Southwest Louisiana is the Festival Capital of the state, boasting over 75 fairs and festivals. The Contraband Days Pirate Festival, held in Lake Charles, LA, celebrates the legend of pirate Jean Lafitte. The city of Lake Charles overlooks a freshwater lake with the only white-sand inland beach along the Gulf Coast.

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