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Are you an avid camper, always looking for the best camping sites? The typical camper goes on five camping trips per year, so the best camping sites are important. These typical campers travel an average of 191 miles from their homes to the campgrounds. Perhaps you enjoy the usual tent and sleeping bag routine; however, did you know that the first sleeping bag was invented in the late 19th Century and was called the Euklisia rug. It is certain that we have come a long way as far as technology goes in creating warm and comfortable sleeping bags.

In fact, today we no longer consider camping to be roughing it. Instead, at some of the best camping sites, it can be a comfortable, even luxurious experience. For instance, you can try camping at cabins in Louisiana on the shores of the Gulf Coast. Some of the best camping sites can be found in the city of Lake Charles that overlooks the only white sand inland beach of a freshwater lake along the Gulf Coast. Those have got to be some pretty cool campsites.

In addition to cabins and tent sites, some of the best camping sites include Rv parks louisiana. You just pull your RV up to a pristine spot and hook up to power and the fun begins. This is one of most easy and comfortable camping experiences for those who do not want to actually sleep on the ground.

There are of course some camping suggestions for any camper at the best camping sites. You should always use biodegradable soaps during your camping adventure so you do not contaminate any natural water sources. You should always maintain a clean campsite, and pick up and dispose of your trash. This way, the best camping sites remain that way for the campers who will be visiting the campsites after you and your group.

Whether you enjoy tent camping or RV camping, it is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty of the best camping sites in our country. You can visit the forests or the deserts, or the high mountain peaks. There are so many options and places to visit that you are guaranteed never to run out of places to visit and camp.
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