Where Are the Best Places to Sell Your Jewelry – Store 3A

Etsy is an extremely popular website that sells handmade products. The site has over 54 million registered users which means you’re able to quickly reach a lot of potential customers. It’s easy to use the platform to create a virtual storefront for your jewelry. Etsy has higher fees than eBay. There is a listing fee along with a transaction fee as well as a processing fee. It is necessary to pay this fee again should you decide to sell the item that you listed.

The ideal platform for selling jewelry that you make is eBay. It’s very user-friendly is more popular than Etsy It also charges costs for sales. There may be a need for you to prove certain certificates are legitimate.

If your items are consistently sold and you’re getting lots of praise then you might consider selling it via Amazon. Even though it’s the largest selling online in the world however, the costs are larger than Etsy and Ebay. Amazon has jewelers go through an approval process and requires an unrefundable fee of $5,000. The sales fees must also be paid. qcfkhtaett.

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