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What do You Know About Syndication?

Written by News Channel 2 on November 28th, 2013. Posted in Rss feeds, Rss syndication

So what do you know about syndication? Sure, you have heard about business syndication and such. And then there is the criminal syndicate. However, there is also blog or RSS syndication that you can take advantage of. As a blogger, you know how important it is to get more readers to your site. You also want to ensure that they keep returning.

A lot of people have never even heard of blog syndication, or think that this type of action will reduce readership. This subscription service will actually draw attention to your site, resulting in new readers.

There are usually syndication features available at most major blogging sites. It is relatively simple to syndicate your blog onto RSS sites. You will need to locate a tab or button that will be marked Subscribe, RSS, or Feed. You will be taken to the RSS feed after clicking on the tab. All you need to do then is follow the directions as to how to have your blog URL included.

These services will also allow you to customize your RSS f

Concrete Unlimited in Chesapeake VA

Written by News Channel 2 on November 28th, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Concrete Unlimited

3729 Stanley Drive

Chesapeake, VA 23323


Local Business Picture

We manufacture a revolutionary coating designed to protect existing concrete while giving it the look, texture and color of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble or something unique to homeowners.

3 Blogs Every Rochester, NY Resident Must Read

Written by News Channel 2 on November 27th, 2013. Posted in Rochester blogs, Rochester hotel

Rochester blog

Rochester, NY is a great city with much culture and history. George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, formerly lived in Rochester and his gorgeous mansion is now a museum known as the “International Museum of Photography and Film.” Womens and civil rights advocate Susab B. Anthony also lived in Rochester. Her home, known as “The Susan B. Anthony House” dates back to 1866 and is the place where she was arrested in 1872. Her home now still hosts her furnishings and possessions, and has much like Eastman’s home, has been turned into a museum.

The city also offers a wide variety of locations offering attractions for those who enjoy fabulous restaurants and night life, neighborhoods surrounding Rochester areas such Park Avenue, the South Wedge, East Avenue, and Monroe Avenue are examples of such attractions. Howev

How to Live Efficiently in Rochester

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Rochester coupon websites

Rochester, New York is the third biggest metropolitan area in the state. Home to Xerox, Kodak and George Eastman, it was once known as the world’s image center, and is today referred to as either the Flower City or the Flour City. Regardless, Rochester is regarded as a wonderful place in which to live, work, and raise a family.

There are many benefits to living in Rochester, such as the proximity to other major cities on the east coast of the United States as well as Canada. In addition, there are many Rochester coupon websites that offer things such as deal of the day that allow people to save money when shopping at Rochester based stores and businesses.


Breathing Some Fresh Style Into Your Home

Written by News Channel 2 on November 26th, 2013. Posted in Discount dining room tables, Entertainment center furniture, Leather ottomans

Quiet dishwashers

When it comes time to redecorate a room in your house, there is much more that goes into the project than one might initially think. There is sort of a science to finding affordable living room furniture and high end appliance brands. When it comes time to find really great, but affordable sofas, or living room area rugs, conducting a little bit of research will go a long way.

According to a survey done by Statista, Americans spent 80.19 billion dollars alone on brand name furniture, lighting, and general home decor in 2012. Furniture sales are not expected to slow down, either. By 2016, Statista pred

Local Hardware Stores Have What You Need

Written by News Channel 2 on November 26th, 2013. Posted in Cable glands, Cap nuts, Cinch straps

Bolt cover

If you are looking for odds and ends to cable, fix or mount things in your house, your local hardware store will have everything you need. Whether you want to buy drawer rollers to help your drawer slide in and out easily, or get a conduit to cover electrical wiring you might be installing in your house, a sales person at one of these stores will be able to point you in the right direction. You could also head to local stores like Home Depot or Lowes, but a hardware specific store might be your best bet.

Along with the conduit, you will be able to find other items for electrical wiring like threaded standoffs which help separate different pieces

Enlightened Technology Group, Inc. in Plano Texas

Written by News Channel 2 on November 24th, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Enlightened Technology Group, Inc.

2901 Dallas Parkway

Plano, Texas 75093

(972) 403-8825

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Enlightened Technology has been actively creating and extending brands into the digital space since 1998. Our success can be measured by a steady increase in referrals from our clients. We want you to brag about what we have done for you. Our development hinges 100% on what return is possible from the effort. We are certainly proud that our existence to date has been a pure and consistent referral base from our clients.

Our team is a diverse group of successful creative designers, IT innovators and online marketing experts with world-class experience. We work directly with your stakeholders to thoroughly analyze, plan, and document each project prior to web development and implementation. This simple approach ensures that online marketing and communication strategies are executed online, while maintaining focus on real-world business goals and financial demands.

Enlightened Technology provides a comprehensive approach to ensure your online marketing strategies are achieved and surpassed. Our creative team has a complete understanding of digital media and how it’s applied online, on disk and in print. We are able to work with clients and/or their agencies to integrate technology transparently into online marketing programs. That seamless integration ensures that the medium supports the message.

We are here to help our clients grow! Having your managed services and marketing needs met with a single point of contact is a huge advantage to those with limited time and resources.

Social Security Benefits Stretched Too Thin

Written by News Channel 2 on November 21st, 2013. Posted in How to hire a veterans lawyer, Parkinsons va compensation, Post traumatic stress disorder military

Veterans disability lawyer

Did you know that, among Florida seniors (ages 65 and up), an overwhelming 90% receive Social Security benefits? The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) reveals that Social Security, in fact, supports 60.4 million men and women nation-wide. Even so, it can be surprisingly difficult to apply, and get approved, for Social Security and Social Security disability. What are some of the basics of filing Social Security claims, and how is the nationally funded program changing?

Filing For Social Security? Know the Basics

As of January 2013, an estimated 56 million Americans received even more benefits and assistance, or an additional $19 per month. Twenty percen

Pinnacle Acupuncture in Seattle WA

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Pinnacle Acupuncture

509 Olive Way

Seattle, WA 98101


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At Pinnacle Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we establish a compassionate and healing partnership with our patients through in-office treatments, herbal therapy, Tui Na, dietary therapy and patient education.

We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pinnacle Acupuncture.

Stay Safe When Handling Electricity at Work

Written by News Channel 2 on November 19th, 2013. Posted in Cable tie gun, Plastic plug, Push mount cable ties

Cable gland

Did you know that, in any given year, electrical shock leads to 1,000 American deaths, and another 30,000 U.S. men and women sustain non-fatal shock-related injuries? Damaged, frayed, or worn wires increase the likelihood of workplace fires, electrical accidents, and related injuries. What small tools keep workers, whether in an office or industrial setting, safe?

Conduit, Conduit Bushing, and Grommets

Conduit wraps around wires or cables to protect circuits from the elements, small animals’ sharp teeth, or even from harmful magnetism. Conduit is sold in flexible and rigid forms, and most often used in basements, attics, garages, or in outdoor applications. Most conduit requires some kind of conduit bushing. Conduit bushing fits over the end of conduit to protect wires from sharp metal edges. Bu