Are Solar Shingles Coming to a Neighborhood Near You? – Technology Radio

Fing isn’t cheap. Solar panels can also be expensive. When you combine both in the form of solar roofing shingles, one can likely imagine the expenses. However, the concept of using your roofing shingles as solar panels in miniature form to generate energy from green sources could be a tempting idea. Many people have been hoping for this idea to become a reality over time. Is it going to come in the near future to your area? This video will tell you.

Tesla is among the very first to take on solar roofing. The company has been renowned for their innovations in green energy. In particular, they’ve been well-known for their 100% electric cars. Butare they equally successful in roofing? To date, the answer is non. They have been working at the technology for some time but they’ve vastly underestimated costs and logistics that come with such a solar roofing system made of shingles. For example, each roof is built in a distinct method. Tesla believed they could offer roofers an online estimate. It was a cause of estimates to be way off for many. Insufficient skilled laborers also slowed the progress of this type of technology.


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