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A short-term condition that lasts only a couple of days or weeks. It is mostly mechanical, meaning a disturbance usually affects how the organs of the back and muscles work and fit together. The most common cause of chronic hip and lower back hurt is when a person is injured in an accident and suffers whiplash. It is important to seek out urgent back pain relief in order to relieve chronic pain, and for tips on how to ease the pain in your back.

The same cannot be said in the case of chronic back pain in the sense that it normally is present for up to 12 weeks. Sometimes it’s longer even when your doctor is treating an injury or hidden disease which could trigger it. It is important to take immediate medical care if you have ongoing back pain.

There are many ways for treating your back tension. They include injections, specific medications as well as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) which is short. Alternative treatments such as chiropractor care, yoga and acupuncture also are available.


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