What Protective Gear Should I Wear on a Cruiser Motorcycle? – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

The possibility of a crash on your motorcycle is not something you should expect But, accidents like these are quite common for regular cyclists. This is why it is recommended to wear protective equipment ought to use when you’re riding any type of motorbike, including a cruiser motorcycle, Indian sport motorbike or even a sportsbike. Keep reading to learn what is the proper gear for protection when riding on a cruiser.

One of the first pieces of equipment you need to put on when riding an cruiser motorbike is a helmet. There’s a kind of helmet that only covers the top of the head. It is also known as”a brain bucket. This isn’t a good type of helmet as a secure one. It is recommended to wear at least a three-quarters helmet to safeguard the base as well as the top of your skull or perhaps a full-face for total security. If you decide to wear a helmet you pick, ensure it’s approved by the DOT.

A quality jacket is the 2nd protective piece to put on while riding your cruiser bike. The jacket must have slots to accommodate armor such as shoulder, arm, or back armor for extra protection.

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