Fox2 News St Louis Is a Local Favorite!

Have you heard of Fox2 News St Louis, better known as “Fox 2 now” on TV? If you live in the St. Louis area, then the answer is almost definitely yes. Local Fox stations are among the most popular in the country. There are Fox affiliates in every major city in the U.S., and in most smaller cities and towns as well. Fox2 News St Louis is a good example of the way these Fox stations operate, and will look at that more in a moment.

Fox2 News St Louis isn’t to be confused with other similarly numbered stations in other cities. There are stations like 2 News Houston, Channel 2 Action News Atlanta, KTVU Channel 2 News San Francisco and News Channel 2 Reno, Nevada that are all quite different from Fox2 News St Louis.

Fox2 News St Louis, like other Fox affiliates, is characterized by a snappy design sensibility, as well as by short and to the point articles about topics that are exciting or topically interesting to a wide base of viewers. Note that I’m talking here about both the Fox2 News St Louis TV channel and their sizable online site.

Their site, as a matter of fact, hosts some startling videos, both for major headlines and “general interest” or “color” type news. My favorite video on Fox2 News St Louis this week is “Moms Brawl At Talent Show.” This is actually a much more intriguing human interest story than you might think. And if you want an example of something more in the realm of “hard” news, Fox2 News St Louis also had some interesting coverage this week of Google and Facebook CEOs’ response to allegations that they were forced to release private user records to a Federal government surveillance program.

So, although every news outlet has its own unique appeal, there’s something to be said about the attractiveness of Fox affiliates in general, and especially about Fox2 News St Louis.

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