Is It Weird How Often I Check the Weather?

I go to school at the State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT), which is why I keep the Utica NY weather on my dashboard. The weather of our part of New York state can be super fickle.

Learning to keep an eye on the weather was one of the toughest lessons my Dad had to learn, he said. I mean, the way he checks it borders on paranoia level. Even when we are on vacation, he will go to Channel 2 news Tulsa, or Channel 8 news Reno, or News Channel 13 Orlando or Houston Channel 2 or wherever we are with an almost superstitious level of apprehension.

And he passed it on to me. Now that I am out of the house and living on my own at school, checking the Utica NY weather site is compulsory for me. I feel anxious and nervous not knowing what the Utica NY weather site said the temperature will be like.

Is this weird? Do I have a problem with my Utica NY weather anxieties? Should I seek help? Please share your comments and opinions.

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