A Review Guide for New Channel 2 Houston

New Houston Channel 2 first started broadcasting in 1949 and has been on the air ever since. Most News stations are now online, and websites are an important part of staying connected with audiences. Today I will review the Houston WSB Channel 2 website for adherence to standards of good web design and formatting.

To begin with, the opening page of Houston New Channel 2 is passable. The ad at the top can be a little annoying because it expands even when you do not specifically ask it to. The sidebars to the page are light gray in color, making it a little more modern than plain white but not quite yet to the standard of having an eye pleasing background color. In the future, the 2 News Houston site might want to consider having side bars that match its logo or highlighting color in order to improve continuity.

The top stories of Houston News 2 are featured on the left hand side, and rotate constantly through a series of top headlines with photos. This is good because it draws your attention while also giving you a quick idea of everything going on. Other stations that have stationary top story bars give the impression of slower news. It is also helpful that the weather is featured right at top and in the middle of the page in an easy to read format, since this is something many people will probably be looking for on New Channel 2 Houston.

A quirky yet useful feature I appreciate about New Channel 2 is the side bar further down on the right side of the page, that showcases Pets of the Week. I think this is a useful way to connect people to the local Humane society and brings a nice local touch to the page.

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