Social Media Plays an Important Role in Today’s Political Campaigns

Estructura y organizacion de la campaña politica

Are you interested in starting a career in the political marketing industry? Perhaps you wish to make yourself more likely to be hired as a potential candidate for important political marketing jobs, particularly those that involve reaching out to Hispanic and Latino voters in America. In either case, you’ll want to seriously consider enrolling in cursos de politica, taught by Internet marketing experts with experience in politics.

Being able to communicate ideas effectively in politics goes beyond just the written and spoken word, extending to visual design, aesthetic elements, and branding. With this in mind, becoming well-versed in candidate training, activism training, and perhaps most importantly social media, should not be overlooked.

The statistics indicate that social media has become an increasingly vital part of political campaign marketing. Nearly 70% of adults who are active online use social networking sites. This is a rather drastic increase from 2008, when only 37% were on social networks. As opposed to the only 6% of adults on the Internet in January of 2012 who stayed informed about political news with the help of Facebook, 12% reported doing so by November 2012. These facts suggest that social media outlets can be ideal forums for communicating political ideas. In fact, the ubiquitous and popular social media website Twitter has its own team committed exclusively to focusing on political ads.

If you have further questions or comments about the role of social media in politics moving forward, or you have tips regarding the best cursos de politica in which to enroll, be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the forum below.

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