The Latest News on the Trayvon Martin Case

One of the biggest stories this week, this year even, has been the case concerning the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Florida resident George Zimmerman. Interested in knowing the latest updates? Here is what several News stations reported.

1. Seminole County police have urged citizens not to engage in violent reactions regardless of what the verdict ends up being. Houston News 2 says authorities across the country are worried about public response, and hope that people follow the law even if they do not agree with the ruling. Houston Channel 2 reminds readers that Martin was walking back to the home of a family friend after buying skittles at a convenience store, when he was spotted by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch participant who called the police, got out of his car, and chased Martin down.

2. Channel 8 News Reno has reported that the jury is beginning to deliberate. The jury has been sequestered over the past three weeks. They are being asked to figure out whether Zimmerman was fighting in self defense, or whether he was racially profiling and taking the law into his own hands. Channel 8 News Reno says that, although Zimmerman is being charged with second degree murder, the jury has an option of choosing manslaughter instead.

3. After a little over an hour of deliberation, the jury halted and requested an inventory list of all the evidence the court had, reports News Channel 13 Orlando. The jury is comprised of six women. 13 News Orlando says that both the families of Zimmerman and Martin claimed that the screaming voice in the background of the 911 call was that of their son.

4. Over a year ago, Times Union reminds us, a group of African American and hispanic law makers walked into the legislative chambers wearing hooded sweatshirts in order to protest the racial profiling many believe happened with Trayvon, and to stand in solidarity with his family.

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