Have You Ever Wondered What an Urgent Care Facility Is?

Alternative to emergency room

What is an urgent care facility? I mean, I have heard of them before, but I never quite knew what they were. Are these just like urgent care facilities? Are these just like a walk in doctors office? What is urgent care and what is an urgent care facility anyhow?

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is an urgent care facility, also? I grew fed up with wondering these same questions myself, and so I did some research online to discover what the story was behind these facilities.

You see, urgent care centers are there to provide medical services for conditions that are kind of in between severities, as in they are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room, but they do require rapid attention. These urgent care centers concentrate on the evaluation and the treatment of acutely rising conditions for a huge patient range, but they are increasingly offering lab services, such as x rays or even routine physicals.

It was in the spring of 2009 that the Urgent Care Association of America actualy established the Certified Urgent Care Center designation for urgent care centers. Now, about an estimated three million people visit these urgent care centers every week in the United States. Crazy, huh? According to a survey conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America, about 57 percent of patients wait for about 15 minutes or less to be seen, while a whopping 80 percent of all visits are about 60 minutes or even less.

Hopefully you are no longer wondering, what is an urgent care facility, anymore. If you do still what is an urgent care facility, then, please, comment and ask your question! Find more.

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  1. Going to an urgent care facility is really important because a lot of doctors offices are actually closed on the weekends, so if you cannot afford the ER, you would otherwise have no place else to go.

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