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When we speak of diversity, it’s common to do it in a bland style. It isn’t exactly a desire to speak about diversity. Even though it’s an important problem, no one really want to talk about it. Businesses can make use of boxes to verify that employees aren’t homophobicor sexist or racist, when hiring the employees. We are facing more and more issues and challenges, discrimination has become a huge issue. What is not changing in the eyes of power. People in TV management and on television are the same. Institutionalized sexism can be an issue. Another problem is institutionalized racism. Research shows that if your name does not sound English, it will be harder to find work. The name that sounds like a foreign language is only 14% more likely you’ll be hired. Numerous studies have found that diversity in a workplace makes it more efficient. The teams with more diversity are better than ones that are not. It is time for the corporate world to evolve as we all know. We recognize that there’s the business argument to change. But, it’s not happening. You can learn more by watching the video. 95m2wxjay2.

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