How Will Google My Business Improve Your Business? – Small Business Magazine

Vicky Etherington is better known by her name, The Website Mentor. She gives you everything you need to know about Google My Business and GMB.

Google My Business lets you set up a profile to show up whenever someone searches for things related to your business on Google. The profile of your business becomes a miniature website for the business. It may include pictures of your establishment, your the contact information of your business, as well as reviews. The profile can be a means for potential customers to find out more about your company without having to go to your site.

If you’re a baker as an instance, your profile is displayed on the left-hand side of any search results page which includes “bakery close to mine”, “wedding cake” and other similar terms. YouTube videos that showcase your business will display prominently on the right side of the search result pages. GMB can be used to advertise on Google using a method which is more attractive in comparison to the traditional Google ads.

A Google My Business account is simple to create and simple to make adjustments to. Google will request you to verify your business via a mailer, which you then have to input in your account. When your business has been verified, your profile goes on the internet. pk6m61wdxa.

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